How Are You?

well hello there! my name is vei as you're probably aware, and i've revamped my site MAJORLY because i just wasn't feelin the arg anymore! this site is a cozy haven for anyone who's stressed or just needs a little break from the world to chill out and read someone else talking to them! i'm gonna use this site for a lot of things, even though i'm not too great at coding hehe;; there won't be any fancy games but i know some people like to read about peoples days, so thats what im using this site for! i have a journal that goes more in-depth about how i'm doing and how i'm feeling, but this main site will be about just talking about things i like and also sharing some miscellaneous recipes that i like, including my famous banana bread! hope you enjoy :)

hi again! its vei! havent updated in a lil bit bc of winter break and the like, but im back at school! technically we went back last week, but i was out sick w an ear infection so i wasnt there most of the time lol but anyways! so far im in a pretty good mood which is nice so im gonna share some fun stuff i did over break! i went to the bookstore a week ago and got 2 books, the setting sun and no longer human both by osamu dazai and rn im reading no longer human! im almost done w it tho but its really good! im gonna read the setting sun when im done with no longer human, and im excited! i also went to the humane society one day and it was nice bc i got to see and pet some kittens!! the youngest was a cream colored cat named whip and she was 4 months old and very very soft!! she climbed on my lap in the little kitten room and purred and even made biscuits!! she was so cute >_< i also saw a very cute pitbull puppy but i couldnt pet her bc she had a cold :( she was getting adopted soon tho!! my break was pretty good all in all but now i have to get back into the swing of school which isnt very cool or exciting but its whatever! its really cold today too, its like -8 degrees!! its super super cold but i like that bc when its cold like this it gets cold in my house and then i take the best naps bc i get allll warm and cosy under my blankets! anyways i gotta go, have a good day!

it's definitely been a long time! today is the first day of september 2022, and i've officially graduated! right now i'm actually painting my nails :) i also applied for a new job, got a new computer and turned 18! i'm also currently writing something right now which is super fun even if writers block is kicking my ass a bit.. anyways i'm planning on updating the recipes soon so look forward to that!