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hihi! welcome to my journal/personal page! my name is vei, im 17 and i use any pronouns! this place is pretty well hidden from the main site so idk how u found it but its cool that u did haha! umm i rlly like args n stuff so i decided to kinda theme my site around that but this ones abt me and myself so ya!!! jsyk jsyk i have a lot of typos!!! im usually on mobile and so ya

9/23/2021, 12pm: today im at school and imm doin nothin! i have a double ear infection and a cold so im rlly not feelin it lol buuuut im having lunch rn!! its cheerios mixed w booberry cereal but its dry bc i dont eat in the lunch room and also its in a baggy...but i also hav some cookies and a banana and some applesauce! idk yet if im gonna eat the second applesauce but ill probably eat everything else :D im in a way better mood than i was yesterday bc i also dont hav work today!! and im gonna try to figure out how to discreetly link this page on the main one but idk how to yet haha EDIT: I DID IT!!! im so cool omg(it did take 10 minutes tho...hehe)

9/23/2021, 1pm: its so cold in the classroom aaagh...i shouldnt have worn shorts ( ;∀;) even my nice warm sweater isnt warm enough hrrhj;; but i finished lunch! i didnt eat the other applesauce or finish my cookie but it was a yummy lunch! i hav english soon and hav to do a worksheet which i am not excited abt so mayb ill just work on the main site some more...hmm im not sure..i dont wanna miss too much work but idk! im also gonna call my dad to pick me up from school bc i rlly dont wanna take the bus home but i have a feeling hes gonna say no aaagh ╥﹏╥ its whatever tho! im hoping my english classroom is warmer i might cry if i get too cold;; i wish i had a blanket

9/23/2021, 1:50pm: im still cold aaaaaagh but but but!! im in my english class and i got my assignment done so now when i leave in an hour i wont have any hw and can go right to sleep!! i love to take naps after school bc i dont usually sleep vry well ^^ so im rlly happy abt that! im on my chromebook now and its easier to not make typos but sometimes my fingers slide to the next key and i usually have to look at the keyboard if i dont want a ton of typos or weird spacing issues :// thats the part i dont like abt having to use a computer for all this stuff but im rlly happy that this part of my webpage works correctly on mobile! it actually looks better on mobile so i think it mightve been made for it which makes sense to me !! im rlly rlly sleepy and my ears keep popping and it hurts and i also rlly wanna refill my water bottle but idk if im allowed to use the water fountain to do it and im too nervous to ask so im just gunna be thirsty ig, im also kinda shaky and idk why?? i hope theres nothing like. wrong with me or anything im hoping its just bc im cold or something..im bored as hell bc i finished my stuff so now idk what to do for the rest of the hour but i dont wanna leave the classroom or ask to leave bc i dont want my teacher to be mad so ill probably just browse tumblr in an endless loop or smthn

9/23/2021, 6:35pm: i woke up from my nap! im feelin rlly melty n warm which is nice nd i think im gonna take a bath after i eat dinner cus im still kinda cold and ive also been wearing the same sweater for like 3 days but its not like it stinks or anything and also its my safe sweater n so i dont rlly wanna take it off.. ( ;∀;) but i know my moms probably gonna force me to wash it this weekend but whatevr!! also i hav work tmrw im not super excited but im hoping itll b fine? i have to work closing tho :/ not happy abt that i dont like closing so im gonna ask if i can take it easy bc of my double ear infection n shit even if i do feel better! i also have to work at 10am on sunday which SUUUUUCKS :(

9/24/2021, 7:45am: im abt to go to school! happy friday (≡^∇^≡) i dont like the bus bc its super bumpy but thankfully only one other persons riding today so itll be a short ride! but i have work tonight :( i dont wanna go but ive already missed too much so im just hoping itll be easy and i wont have to close all by myself again :/

9/24/2021, 11am: today i played uno with my strategies teacher because it's fun friday, and i won 4 times! im thinking about what to write on the main stie so im watching some horror videos to try to get my inspiration up. today i have to finish a project for my ceramics class but i really dont wanna, i dont wanna fail my class though so i know i have to :/ im getting pretty hungry but i didnt pack much for my lunch today lol, im gonna see if i can get a bag of chips or something from the lunchroom if i stop by since i know i have money in my account but i dont remember the pin since its been 2 years since i was actually in the building bc of quarantine and all that. im thinking of asking my dad to get culvers for dinner for me before i have to work since itll be easy and then i wont have to take a dinner break and can work longer before my break. my friend has also gotten sick which sucks bc i wanted to hang out this weekend, but it is what it is ig! ive been trying to get more people to look at this site bc i dont rlly wanna be screaming into the void but theres already so many cool sites on neocities like wired sounds and all of that so idk..but im trying to make my little corner a little less lonely! i kinda wanna make a guestbook of some sorts but idk how so i probably wont. im also thinking of painting my nails sometime either after work today or tomorrow, and by tuesday(?) ill be done with my antibiotic which im excited about bc i rlly hate taking antibiotics and also want my ear infections to be gone already. rn theres this kid who keeps sharpening their pencil and its annoying as hell because it should theoretically be sharp by now but if it keeps breaking or something at that point just get a different pencil!!! im so close to just giving them a mechanical pencil this is unbearable

9/24/2021, 12pm: oouussaaagghhgghghgg im soooo hungry !!!!!!!!!!! lunch isnt for another like 40 minutes but im literally so hungry im dyiiiiiiiiiiing (ok not actually) but i really really wish it was lunchtime already agh;;; im also still coughing stuff up even though my cold should be gone by now :/// i feel like shaky and stuff i rlly am not enjoying this

9/24/2021, 1:22pm: i have absolutely no idea what we're doing in class rn but i had a good lunch! i think we're supposed to be like. watching a presentation or smn but i dont rlly care? i honestly rlly just wanna go home and i dont wanna go to work but it is what it is ig, im happy my dad agreed to get me culvers b4 work tho so thats smn to look forward to

9/24/2021, 9:42pm: so apparently i was actually supposed to work tmrw from 10 to 4, but i adjusted my hours and said i couldn't work tmrw so now im not! idk if theyre gonna schedule me for sunday or whatever but i kinda hope not..i had a decent day at work! i got myself some non menthol cough drops nd some rlly yummy peach candy and i also got 2 rlly nice smelling soaps!! im really really sleepy and my feet hurt rlly bad so i think im gonna go to bed

9/29/2021, 10am: lol its kinda been a while... ive been sick and also in kind of a depressive episode so i havent been updating but i didnt do much other than go to a small apple orchard and stay home for 2 days so yea! i have work tmrw and then also saturday and sunday which i rlly rlly dont like but its whatever ill live. im really tired today, i got only abt 2ish hours of sleep so im gonna take a nice nap when i get home and my dads also gonna make steak for dinner! and i also am gonna get my meds dosage upped and also gonna get new glasses on the 7th and im hoping i can get some that wont fog up as much

10/11/2021, 10am: ok so. my depressive episode was way worse than i thought but i promise im alive! i got my meds increased, took some mental health days off from school and i had work yesterday and also have work today even tho i said i didnt wanna be scheduled 2 days in a row -_- but its whatever ill live ill just have to take some tylenol. i also got my period recently and it was rlly short so that was a nice suprise! ig my birth control is finally working lol! im rlly rlly tired today, i havent been sleeping well lately and idk why but im gonna take a nap later since im going home early today. im still depressed but its not as bad as it was, and last night was a decently easy shift bc there are 2 new clerks working so thats rlly nice! im kinda thinking of quitting but im gonna hope it doesnt come to that but im rlly bad at balancing work and school. and thats p much it ok goobye for now gay people in my computer

10/13/2021,12pm: im staying home from school today and tomorrow!! today its bc i didnt feel good and tomorrow its because i have a doctors appointment at 10am so im very happy to not go to school! ive stayed home a lot already bc i can barely function and idk why so im gonna tell the new therapist so im gonna hopefully get some answers as to why i may be feeling like this. i kinda wanna go to a psych ward because ive also been kinda suicidal but i probably wont go bc im nit likely to act o it, i just rlly need a break from everything. i dont have work tomorrow, friday or saturday which is really nice but i do have work tonight and sunday. i was thinking of quitting but now im not sure if i will or not. next week will be pretty easy because we have an mea week and my family is gonna go to a hotel so thats very exciting and hopefully itll help improve my mental health to take a little vacation! ive been working on my homework and im gonna take a nice nap soon so that im not too tired when i go to work tonight, and my friend is also working so we can see eachother on our breaks!!!! ive been really tired in general so hopefully itll help a little to take a nice nap. its cold and rainy today which is my favorite weather for a nap so itll be really nice and cozy. i also might get to hang out w my friend and her mom on saturday ideally !! i do have work 2 days in a row again (sunday and monday) which fucking sucks bc i explicitly said i didnt want that and it causes me a lot of pain but whatever at least i get paid ig! i need to do the dishes now so im gonna be done updating for rn but tmrw ill update u guys if anything interesting happens w my appt!

10/15/2021, 9am: its friday!!! im so happy that its almost the weekend i hate school sm,, i dont have much to write abt honestly other than my throat hurts but i dont have any water and also its hot in my classroom waaaaaaagh

12/9/21, 12pm: so um. its been a while since i updated this! its trimester two now and im making cookies in my global foods class today! im very excited for that, and ive been skipping chemistry every day since the first day of class. i really hate chemistry. im trying really hard to make it through the school day despite my depression making me just wanna give up and go home but i also wanna make those cookies so i have to wait til 5th hour, which thankfully is only in 50 minutes. after that, i can go home because i dont have a 6th hour! right now im just in my strategies teachers class because the wellness center was closed and the nurses office needed a pass (same with the media center) so i couldnt use any of those places to skip. usually what id do is go to the nurses for the first 15ish minutes of class and then when she told me to leave id either go home or go to the wellness center to skip the rest of class til my lunchtime. ive been a little less depressed lately but im still not in as great of a headspace as id like to be, but since christmas is in 16 days im still pretty excited! im also really excited for winter break :] i dropped out of my 9 16 class last tri, which made me only have 2 classes for the rest of it so i went to school at 11 45 and left at around 1 30/2ish so that was also a nice change of pace. i think i have a crush on someone too, but its still a little early to tell so i wont make any moves. im gonna try to update more frequently, as i really like having this little journal! i just hope my chem teacher doesn't snitch on me for skipping......lol. today were making the cookie dough and tomorrow we'll bake them if there isnt a snow day! were supposed to get 11 inches!!!!! i love snow :] its my favorite weather! im super hungry rn though but i cant eat lunch til later :/

12/13/2021, 8:30am: well im supposed to be working on my online classes rn but honestly im not gonna today because i dont feel very good. ive been kinda intermittently recording myself going abt my day and planning to put it on my tiktok but im also trying to b like discreet abt it so i dont doxx myself or anything lol, im gonna try 2 figure out how to use capcut so i can mesh all the clips together n shit but rn all the footage is just me walking so its a lil boring but yknow slap on a filter and some indie rock and tiktok will eat it up! im honestly rlly rlly tired today and so im just not gonna do much of anything and also probably gonna go home during chemistry after i eat lunch and stuff. im also gonna see if i can drop out of chemistry bc im super bad at it and dont understand literally anything about it, so id rather just have one class to be at school for or to like get a different class for fourth hour which could be one that i actually could tolerate and stuff though id probably just use it as another free hour tbh. without chemistry i wouldnt even need to be at school til my 5th hour and then id also be able to leave once it was over but knowing my case manager he'd probably make me take a 6th hour class. for my last trimester id much rather just have two or three random elective classes and then id be able to go home whenever i wanted without much risk of failing. im so sick of school already, but there are only 8 days til winter break so i wont have to deal with much work (hopefully) and if i can get an iep meeting and get out of chemistry my school life will definitely benefit. anyways im excited to see what we're gonna end up doing this week in global foods, but i'll figure that out tomorrow because today i'll be home by then and probably asleep.

12/15/2021, 8:40am: i stayed home yesterday because of a therapy appt i had at 12pm! it was a good chill day but today im back at school. im thinking that im probably gonna go home early today though if possible since we arent actually doing any cooking in global foods this week, but idk i might stay the whole day, its a little early to tell. im failing political science and chemistry rn lol but i can get caught up in english pretty easy. i dont have much to say today other than tonight im gonna cuddle with my mom and watch a christmas movie as ive decided to watch a christmas movie every night til christmas :]

8/31/2022, 11:31pm: well it's definitely been a while! so, turns out that i was in a months long depressive episode. i needed to increase my medication again, which definitely helped a lot! i've graduated now and my mental health is actually pretty good again :] i also made a new neocities page called gearstationofficial because i've fallen down the submas rabbit hole..probably bc im autistic and so are ingo and emmet. i also ended up getting really sick with vertigo in febuary so that wasn't really fun, especially because it broke my 9 year streak of not throwing up :( but it is what it is i guess! it obviously came about from an inner ear infection, no suprise there, but i also ended up getting two infections in one ear at the same time! both a middle ear infection and an outer ear infection aka swimmers ear, which i've also gotten quite a bit due to allergies and not actually swimming. i'm going on vacation soon which i'm really really excited about! i also got ingo and emmet on pokemon masters bc of their recent rerun so yaaaay i have the sillies :D!!! also im watching a pokemon creepypasta iceberg and its so funny lol! i think i probably got sick so often last year because of how badly i was stressed about everything, but i havent been sick in a while now! also still havent ever gotten covid lol even though my brother and dad have gotten it im so cool. anyways im gonna try to update more frequently now!

9/2/2022, 4:34am: ohhhhh my god okay. so i was abt to go to sleep but in my basement where i sleep during the summer there was a BUG ON MY BLANKEt i fucking hate bugs so so so so so so so much i hate them they scare the shit out of me and it was ON. MY. BLANKET!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and on me, by extension! so i did what any normal person would do and completely stripped my bed of all the blankets pillows and stuffies and brought all my shit upstairs. my dad is sleeping in my room rn but WHATEVER ill deal w the rest of this tmrw. some of my stuff is still down there but its mostly perfume and random lip products as well as my wax melter but i can grab all those things tomorrow because i am hot sweaty and tired from going up and down the stairs a million times (good cardio though) and also have had a nasty headache all goddamn day bc i forgot to take my meds like an IDIOT. anyways im watching too cute (show about puppies and kittens) and ive also been binging rottmnt and i keep fucking hitting capslock on accident because i dont actually look at the screen when i type most of the time so i also cant tell if im making typos but whatever i dont care thog dont caaaaaaaaaaare im so so so sleepy. but its hot in the living room because it just fucking is idk why it sucks balls though but whatever. anyways my favorite turtle is donnie because im autistic and predictable. my paranoia also gave me a panic attack so now im emotionally tired as well but whatever. i wanna sleep but i know i wont be able to for a while yet so im just gonna stay up and fuck around on my computer for a bit.